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I provide clean, simple, and modern user experience visions for key stakeholders and executives to ensure the production of compelling and competitive solutions across multiple device platforms. I formed the Mobile User Experience team in Sept 2007 and defined a program to drive the strategic direction of user experience for the next generation of mobile applications at Oracle. In 2011, I added social integration to my areas of coverage. Most recently, I have been asked to reinvigorate the research program and to strategically shape the research direction for the Core User Experience team.  We support all the key components (e.g., table/lists, edit/create, etc.) and core experiences (the home/entry experience, navigation, etc.) used across products and devices. I started my management career with the Supply Chain Management user experience team.  It was a challenging task, as PeopleSoft and Oracle had recently merged, and we needed to define and pilot new design processes in order to complete the designs and research deliverables necessary for the new Fusion software suite. Prior to management, I initiated and led the user experience research efforts for the Supply Chain Management product line at PeopleSoft. I also worked as a market researcher at Cheskin on media (e.g., Internet effects and transmedia trends), product development of communication technologies, and usability and interface design studies. I completed my Ph.D. at Michigan State University with an emphasis on technology and cognition. I have taught communication theories and social science methodologies at Stanford, Michigan State University, and St. Mary’s College. 




Oracle, Applications User Experience Director, CoreUX – 2015 – present

Š      Spearhead a research initiative that ensures that research strategically and tactically informs decisions regarding design and product development across all product families and platforms. 

Š      Lead UX consultant on the user experience, design, and consistency of the next set of EBS mobile applications (~8) and the evolution of previously released applications. 

Š      Mobile Work Group chair for Oracle’s User Advisory Board.

Oracle, Applications User Experience Director, Mobile – 2012 - 2015

Š      Fourteen new smartphone applications were released within a one-year start to finish development cycle in 2014.   

o   Developed the mobile UX strategy, UI patterns and components built in Oracle's Mobile Application Framework 2.0, product designs, and research for EBS Oracle Smartphone Suite.

o   Worked with over 12 product families, international development teams, executives, and technical teams.

Š      Oracle Voice released in iTune, Summer 2014. My team produced and drove the application vision, definition, user scenarios, research, and designs through deployment. A new partnership with Nuance evolved from this work. 

Š      Published a mobile design website for internal and external audiences. Mobile personas, design patterns, and guidelines were created.

Š      Trained customers, partners, and sales consultants on Oracle’s mobile UX strategy, design guidelines, and principles.

Š      Completed ethnographic research where mobile workers were observed throughout the day in Stockholm, Beijing, Chicago, and in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Š      Promoted mobile user experience best practices through publications, presentations, and patents.  Key presenter for Mobile User Experience presentations.


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